React & TypeScript: TS2345: Argument of type ‘null’ is not assignable to parameter of type ‘SetStateAction ‘.

This is a series of practical tips and observations for applying TypeScript in React with minimum or even zero theory. Now let’s look at Generics with useState() and useRef ()


I have very scarce experience with TypeScript (0.5 year) and a moderate experience with React and React Native (1.5 years). I find TS documentations confusing and massive, I also like to share some solutions and will be glad to see any critical comments or advice on improvement.


I needed to add a drag&drop to my project at work and I have found a light-weight lib React Drag and Drop Files . It is really cool yet there is a line in the usage, which triggers TS error:

const [file, setFile] = useState(null);

As we know TS can infer types. I do recommend to read this article, it has a detailed explanation and very informative GIFs to illustrate them. So the type my state infers is null hence file cannot be assigned with the error from the title

TS2345: Argument of type ‘File’ is not assignable to parameter of type ‘SetStateAction<null>’.


If you read the article I referred above, you’d already know the solution to the issue, namely using generics. In our particular case we need to read the error message to the end and find out what type we need:

Type ‘File’ provides no match for the signature ‘(prevState: null): null’.

const [file, setFile] = useState<File | null>(null)
my IDE recognized File type with no problem

One more time

Actually, the same approach (and same issue, for that matter) exists in many other places, for instatnce, useRef(). I would love to show an example with focusing input.

const inputRef = useRef<HTMLInputElement | null>(null)useEffect(() => {
if (inputRef.current && isEditable) {
}, [isEditable])
return (
The HTMLInputElement interface provides special properties and methods for manipulating the options, layout, and presentation of <input> element




React JS. React Native developer

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Bogdan Selenginskiy

Bogdan Selenginskiy

React JS. React Native developer

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