I live by the inspiration I pick up from those around me

Other people must do the same

Just by looking at someone’s Instagram bio, I’ve come to the realisation that not only do I find inspiration in nearly everyone I come into contact with, but there are some people who really open my eyes to a better way of living. Even the people who have mentally damaged me in ways I wish I could describe.

One certain person — let’s call her “Winnie” (I adore the name, there is no other reason) — is amazing when it comes to foreign languages and I mean amazing. She always seems motivated when doing the things that she loves. She doesn’t like to fail, which leads to her rarely ever failing, but we all know failing is a part of life. Failing is something I do more often because I am quite the pessimist which leads me expecting to fail rather than doing all I can to not fail. She doesn’t seem all that dependent on other people either, although I don’t know her well enough to know if that’s entirely true. But I personally am very dependent on the people around me which I am aware isn’t all that great. I know I need to live for myself and be happy with who I am but at the same time, I need constant attention and affection in order to feel relevant and appreciated.

I spent a grand year knowing Winnie, and I have managed to learn a lot from her. Things like becoming more independent and developing my love for Literature; something I loved prior but being able to speak to Winnie about such a topic opened my eyes more so to aspects that wouldn’t have been so developed if it weren’t for discussing them with another. Now, you could argue that Literature is liked by a lot of people and you would be right, it is, but there aren’t that many who really love the narratives, the poetry and the way an author or a poet writes a piece.

From all of that, I’ve learned to do what I love without caring about what other people think, to live for myself and stop stressing so much about other people, to be consistent in wanting to succeed in everything that I do but know that it’s natural for things to go wrong sometimes.

I’ve written a separate piece about teachers in specific, highlighting two particular teachers, although I didn’t explicitly write about the ways that they have inspired me.

My Psychology teacher is one of the most optimistic beings I have ever come across. (There is a definite someone who I consider to be the MOST optimistic being who I will get to later.) This teacher has taught me not only Psychology but to be myself, again, without caring about what other people think of me. She has shown me that times certainly do get difficult, but with the right motivation, you can thrive in what you end up doing in the future. She also is the perfect example that if my A Level results go wrong, it really isn’t the end of the world, also showing me that whatever I think I want to do now isn’t set in stone — I may end up doing something completely different.

My Literature teacher, along with my Psychology teacher, is one of my favourite people in the world, and I adore him with all my heart. He has been an influence on me realising the type of people with whom I want to surround myself. He was also the very person who made me realise my love for Literature, and he managed to do that by simply being himself, something I hope to do for younger generations.

Now for the people that have hurt me terribly. They may have made me feel extremely negative at times but in a positive way, they have been incredible influences. After a lengthy decade of bullying, they have shown me that I can battle through the rough and the tough — as can we all.

In saying that, however, a few people in the past six years have caused me to develop major trust issues which I feel can only be resolved if the right people are around me. The “right” people being those who make me happy and affect me in a way that doesn’t afflict me. I still struggle highly with trusting anyone the way a person should. Nevertheless, I know how to resolve the issue, and I can work on bettering myself and the consequences the past decade has caused.

To end on a high note, let’s get back to “the MOST optimistic being” whom I have had the absolute pleasure of knowing for the past seven years. I will refer to her as “Joy” for the sake of my own slight comedic amusement. She is unfortunately not called Joy, but she sure is full of utter happiness and optimism. She certainly isn’t always happy — no one is — but trust me, her presence lights up the room whenever she enters. She’s an extroverted ball of glee, something I partly wish I was. Joy has most definitely taught me to always look at the bright side of things, to always smile, even in times of despair, and always hope for the best.

Collectively, these people have been great influences and have opened my eyes, showing me how to become a better me. Because of these people, I am more aware of looking for inspiration and an influence in everyone I come across in hopes that there will be something, even a small something, that will help to change my life for the better. The list of influence hasn’t come to an end just yet.

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