8 Things Every Person Should Do Before 8 A.M.
Benjamin P. Hardy

While I enjoyed this post and have for years now been following this line of thinking, I’m beginning to wonder if it really is quite as universal as is suggested when it’s put forth.

Until I spent a few years with my wife (a LCPC) who well fits the introvert’s mould, I never really fully appreciated an introvert’s world/view. This peek into another worldview has expanded my own and I’ve been relooking at pretty much everything with a somewhat new appreciation.

These prescriptions for how to get into action (this being very nice one) feels/seems to me to be a very “extrovertedish” version. While I’m not suggesting a simplistic model of Extroverts are “Action Folks” and Introverts are “Sedentary Folks” and one should be action orientated or laid back depending on where you are on an Extro/Intro continuum this general formula that is put forth in many place lacks intricacies, complexities, and breath I’d like to see in this public space.

I think it’s the “Every Person” in the title that prompts this writing.


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