Instagram Has Already Won. Here’s Why

By now you’ve heard the news: Instagram introduced a new feature this week called “Stories” that is an exact rip off of Snapchat. Well, Instagram has already won, and here’s why.


Instagram has roughly 300 million daily active users. Snapchat has around 150 million. So that’s around 150 million more people that didn’t previously have a raw Snap-style social network that now do.

I’m no mathemagician, but that’s a lot of people.
300 million minus 150 million… carry the 1…

Snapchat’s Problem

For many people who aren’t on Snapchat, the reasons for their hesitation can vary. At worst it’s because it’s “just a app for teenagers to sext.” At best, it’s a whole new social network that you have to learn, and the app UI is different than any other app out there.

For these 150 million, Snapchat is still clouded in mystery (not the good kind).
The good kind being the Masked Magician

Finding Friends

Here’s the other big advantage Instagram has: the ability to easily find people you want to follow. You can see who your friends are following, interacting with, and they can send someone else’s post directly to you. For Snapchat, you have to find users elsewhere on the Internet, or use a third party app to find interesting people.

Snapchat feels like wandering around the forest with a flashlight, Blair Witch style. Instagram feels like being at a middle school dance with the lights on.
“Alex_Rulez_04 liked your photo”

The Battle Is Over

With all this in mind, here’s why Instagram has already won:

Those 150 million more people that just got a snap-style feature on Instagram are NOT going to also go sign up for Snapchat.

Look, this is a dick move for sure. I’m an avid Snapchat user and I don’t want Instagram to win, but they already have. Snapchat will become the next Vine: not mainstream, but still present with a smaller, dedicated user base who refuse to switch to Instagram’s copy.