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I often take the remote working especially on the first day of any new tasks so, I’m glad that remote working (RW) exists even though I prefer to work with my colleagues side by side and face to face!

To make the RW is very productive, I would like to share small tips of my RW’s style.

Find your habits to start the day right

Either you like to wake-up early or late, drink a coffee or tea…etc. Don’t start your day with something you don’t like it! This will affect on you negatively, you will lose your motivation to work! For me I like to start my day with running 30 minutes outside.

Set the work’s environment

You are at home, you have different rooms!

Pick-up a quiet and one room that you will work only from there. I find one work’s room is helping you not to get bored from home in and after working hours. Put all your work components around you, laptop, notebook…grip your coffee, snacks … play your favorite music :)

Apply most important task list

Now, take and sort your tasks depending on their importance to focus on getting them done as quickly as possible. This will improve your motivation if these tasks are completed. The most important tasks are depend on the priority. In my case, the important tasks are that have dependencies on other tasks, then hardest ones…

Start a timer

Honestly I like to be flexible with time, but without losing the work’s hours. Set a timer, look at the starting hour …at the end you should work in full working hours.

Manage the queries

Working from home is not like when you’re in the office which in the work you can observe who is busy or free to your questions and help you. That means manage all questions of your task to save your time waiting for others’ answers. In other hand, your colleagues need you also don’t stop supporting them make a time each 1 hour to check if someone need you (check your work communications inbox).

Schedule breaks

Mostly the work take 8~9 hours a day, you cannot work continuously and even if you can, your performance will go down! Therefore, give yourself a break time…do something you like it and don’t take more than 15-30 minutes as break. Don’t forget your lunch time :)

Your Tasks are completed?

You have finished your tasks, so it’s a time for improving your experiences and skills in work field. Start learn a new topic that may affect positively on your work.

Remember, you’re the only one responsible to make RW good or bad!

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Hi, I’m software engineer and sometime I’m game VR developer! A bit of random things...🥑🎶 🎯🌻

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