What does your E-cigarette Contains!

Your E-cigarette contains stuff called e-Juice, which is also known as smoke juice, e-liquid,etc. It is a nicotine-based liquid, which is also present in personal vaporizers. You can keep a check on the amount of nicotine in your E-juice. In case you are a heavy smoker, you might want to go for quantity starting from 24mg and for light smokers can begin with 12–18mg. This has also been a means of quitting smoking by many as they can lower down the nicotine level and also the 0mg, which contains no nicotine but you would not miss the flavor.

When it comes to the ingredients of this wonder liquid, it is said to have four major ones:

1. Propylene Glycol or PG is a chemical which people generally find as constituents of flavors, medicines, soft drinks, salad dressings, cake mixes, and shampoos. It plays an important role in giving you flavor as well as dilutes the concentration to nicotine to the level that you desire. It is commonly mixed with the vegetable glycerin as the base for e-juice. As a solvent it is used in all sorts of things such as fog machines. However PG is a component that can dry out your throat and sometimes even cause mild allergic reactions in some users. If you have any issues with PG, just use a 100% VG e-juice like those from Virgin Vapor.

2. Vegetable Glycerin, which is also called VG in short, is used in its purest form. The 100% Kosher USP food grade vegetable glycerin is a product you must have seen in most skin care products, cosmetics, toothpaste, etc. This constituent is responsible for the vapor that is produced when you exhale. It is also said that a higher amount of PG mix in your e-juice will produce thicker clouds of vapor.

3. Nicotine, an ingredient well known by its name is also present in the liquid and that too in its purest form. They promise it to be 99.9%pure and without any additives, i.e. straight from the tobacco fields that is known to be the best.

4. Flavors- For someone who has been a long time cigarette smoker, they would know the standard cigarette flavor. However that is not the reason that you smoke. Within a period of time, it becomes a relief of the nicotine cravings.

Distilled water, which is an optional component that is sometimes used to dilute if needed.For those who wish to go for a diluted mixture can simply be made by adding some water.

The e-cigarette is said to give you the same satisfaction and has amazing flavors as that of strawberries, peaches, coffees, cotton candy, and many more. This product is a great alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes. Now we know that vaping, the process where e-juice is used is not smoking and e-juice is simply the liquid that is being converted into vapor.

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