What to Look for When Seeking Out a New Medical Supplies

Because of how quickly tools and equipment improve in this day and age, keeping your hospital’s inventory up-to- date with only the best supplies is a must. However,looking for the right supplier can be a challenge, especially if you’ve already run into ones that were not so reliable in the past. In this article, we’ll discuss a few things that your company can look for before sealing the deal with any medical supplies vendor.

1. Previous Experience:

Working with a company that’s new to the scene isn’t necessarily a bad thing. However,you’re more likely to have smooth transactions with a business that has already been working in the industry for a few years. Most businesses cannot last a decade or more without performing consistently well in the past. According to an article by ASQ,you should also find out if they have a track record of actually improving overall business performance. Look up who their previous clients were,and get in touch with them to ask about their experiences dealing with the supplier. If they share any sort of negative feedback with you about the vendor, it’s time to look for another candidate.

2. Adherence to Industry Regulations:

While there are regulations in place meant to ensure that all medical supplies and devices are safe for use,certain countries do not have the organizations necessary to oversee the production of these tools and equipment. According to the World Health Organization (WHO),only 69 percent of 175 countries have a national authority that makes sure medical device regulations are followed closely. That is why it is of utmost importance for your company to check and double-check the credentials of the vendors you are considering working with.

3. Professional Image:

Everything about the way vendors present themselves — whether in print ads or on the internet — can clue you in on how they normally do business. Do they have a professional-looking website that is mobile friendly and easy to navigate?If they take enough time to invest in their online presence, then it can be a positive sign that they take their work seriously. Another thing to consider is if they provide clients with useful content. For instance, do they only describe how a piece of equipment works through text,or do they go the extra mile and record a video demonstrating exactly how it functions? In fact, according to a study by think insights at Google,every single study participant watches videos of a particular device in action because it’s almost like seeing it in person. This makes it easier for clients to determine whether it will work as advertised or not.

Whichever vendor you decide to go with,always make sure that you make your decision based on as much information as you can gather. Whether you’re looking for system upgrades,disposable suctions,or other surgical tools, it pays to do your research and get your money’s worth from a reputable company like OMT Medical,especially if your patients’ lives — and your hospital’s reputation — are on the line.