[Podcast Review] What did you do, 5 years ago?

Hello lurkers, end of the year already. Matching with this vigorous season, I’m bringing you this fun story of a girl.

So, 5 years ago, what did you do? This girl(I mean lady) Katie Nolan was a bartender. Currently, she is the host of ‘Garbage Time with Katie Nolan’, a show that airs Sunday nights on Fox Sports 1.

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Source : Katie Nolan Youtube

I know, you want to ask many questions. At least I did when I listened to her podcast. It was interesting enough to share with you. If you don’t have motivation or time to listen to this podcast, you will see everything here in my post.

“Untraditional Path”

This show, ‘Garbage Time with Katie Nolan’, is taking a new broadcast format. Basically it’s about sports but not based on statistics. You know, normally sports show focuses on numbers emphasizing these players’ scores, the number of passes and so on.

source : Katie Nolan youtube

Comedy/Analytics, F-bombs(Fuck yeah) <- Her own things. She is the producer and host of the show.

It started from her Tumblr which dealt with sports, weird news and women(which had no readers). From there, she got an offer to make a youtube video(5 days a week for her rent money). Following that, Fox Sports 1 contacted her.

“At first, it was uncomfortable to be on camera but the pay was good. And I taught myself editing, as well as how to use software I’ve never used before”

While it is an untraditional path, Katie focuses on what’s happening in the moment. When she needs to prove herself, she says

“I took a different way but I got a job here and I’m still here.”

Women in Sports Shows

“85 : 15”

Breakdown of audience of her show. So, Male : Female.

So her audience is also predominantly male. She couldn’t be conscious of the fact that she was a female from the very beginning. However, after doing it for a while, she started to see the expected role of women in sports broadcasting.

She thinks that her responsibility is to make women in this industry feel welcome saying “Hi I’m here and you can do it just like me”.

“People are saying ‘Wow, for a woman’. But I think it’s amazing that I’m here. It happened really quickly”
Capture from youtube list

Especially since she also is doing comedy and talking violently about it which is very rare. Naturally , because she is female, she is also getting sexual comments. Here are her responses.

“Time for tighter shirt. -> Yeah, or what if I gotta blow job.”
->Sexual things before women, I will eat you up.
->A joke, funny way to spin their negative tweets into some funny contents.

TV and Internet — Based on what she is doing

source : youtube

Her show is for multiplatform. So it’s both on the internet and TV. This issue is cosely related to the future of TV which is currently encouraging debates very much.

Young people don’t watch TV. They won’t pay for cable and sit in front of TV on Wednesday or Sunday. Katie also talked about this issue.

“I know nothing but live sports shows are now crushing. I don’t understand another work. My goal is to put the show out and have enough clippable content on the internet that it may people to convert to watch the show on TV.”
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