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The story of how marketing and journalism became such strange bedfellows is long and twisted. The simple (and somewhat reductive) version, though, goes something like this: News organizations need money and brands are more than willing to pay for excellent storytelling.

Last year, Monika Bauerlein (CEO) and Clara Jeffery (Editor-in-Chief) at Mother Jones published an article that, frankly, makes me fear the future of independent journalism. In the article, Bauerlein and Jeffery pull back the curtain on exactly how much it costs to produce ambitious investigative journalism — and how little revenue it brings in. …

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Brand journalism — however you define it — feels really gross to a lot of people. And yet I really want to do brand journalism.

When I started a job in marketing, working for an open source software company called Red Hat, my writing process had to change. In my previous job, I spent a lot of time doing research and getting to know the people I was writing about. I would spend years in the field, log hundreds of hours of interviews, and clear out entire library shelves. I was working in academia at the time, so I was…

Brent Simoneaux

Writer, editor, and producer at Red Hat, an open source tech company.

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