7 Mcdonald’s Happy Meal Toys that have Ruled the Hearts of Many!

If there’s one thing that has wooed the minds of everyone — from kids to youngsters and even the adults — it’s the cute toys you get with every McDonald’s Happy Meal. And, let’s face it, there’s an avid collector in every one of us here! While some of us may like to collect only one specific type of toy like Pokemon tazos, many others have a knack for collecting Happy Meal toys.

Since the introduction of Happy Meals in India, McDonald’s has made a point of introducing exciting, in-trend toys. Let’s take a look at some of the most sought after offerings of McDonald’s till date:-

Minions — Minions have practically overdone all the toys introduced by McDonald’s in India. The coming of the Despicable Me franchise has given each one of us another reason to fall in love with the majestically funny and lovable Minions. The toys sing, talk, dance and even walk. The yellow colored creatures bring a smile on everyone’s face.

Hello Kitty — To our surprise, the Hello Kitty toy introduced by McDonald’s was not only loved by young girls, but by the boys as well. While in color with a red bow attached to her hair, the Hello Kitty toy typically gave rise to a pop culture cult symbol.

Lion King — This classic movie character enjoys a huge fan following throughout the world and across all age groups. The time, when Lion King Toys were introduced by McDonald’s in the Indian market, it witnessed a humongous growth in the demand for its Happy Meals. Simba, Rafiki, Timon and Pumba were the main toys given with every Happy Meal.

Transformers — The Transformer toys also find a place in the list of most sought after toys offered by McDonald’s in India. With the focus on displaying the victory of good over the evil, the transformers is a sci-fi action franchise. The toys, just like the franchise, could be converted into different shapes. It’s one of those introductions that simply left the collectors awestruck.

Madagascar Penguins — Let’s face it! The penguins of Madagascar, Skipper, Rico, Private and Kowalski, made for the most adorable characters. The popularity of these toys was simply spectacular in the market.

Shrek — A personal favourite, Shrek did steal the hearts of many. A harsh looking character, but one with a soft, tender heart and his silly fiend — the Donkey travelled and far away to rescue Princess Fiona. The toys were introduced with the release of the first Shrek movie on the silver screen.

Last but not the least, the dynamic duo of Tom & Jerry has been everyone’s favourite since we don’t know when. Their silly plans and crazy antics to outdo each other has always been entertaining.

Originally published at allindiabloggers.blogspot.com on October 26, 2017.

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