hilosophically, he’s correct. Providing healthcare requires resources, and resources are inherently limited.
5 Reasons Healthcare is Different from Every Other Commodity
Nicholas Grossman

I agree with people who think rights language is used perhaps too hastily in a lot of instances, but I don’t think Shapiro is necessarily right philosophically. He’s only correct that healthcare isn’t a right if you accept his conception of a right as one that imposes duties of restraint on others. Not everyone accepts this very narrow conception. Even Locke seemed to promote positive rights in some instances. And I’m not so sure that something being a commodity necessarily precludes it from being a right (given that nearly anything could be commodotized). Even if it did, however, couldn’t we conceptualize “health” as a right and healthcare as the means of protecting that right? This would be analogous to the protections afforded by the libertarian night watchman state (which also require resources, presumable coerced from at least some of the population).

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