I think the most telling thing about the Trump presidency is that its supporters, some of whom you…
Keir Maxwell

They learned to do by watching how the left excused Bill Clinton’s rapes, how Ted Kennedy actively sought help from the Russians to beat Reagan, how they didn’t care that HRC got tons of money from the Russians for her “Foundation” (i.e. slush fund), how the DNC violated their own rules to collude with the media to defeat Bernie Sanders, etc. Must I go on?

Is it ok because “they did worse”? No. But it sure highlights the absolute hypocrisy of the US left.

Putin’s primary goal seems to have been to destabilize our politics, and he’s been playing the left like a fiddle in that respect. All he had to do was present the appearance of impropriety, and the left has become unwound from reality, with the important of hanging Trump … trumping their interest in keeping the country together.

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