Ian Murdock passed away

I started to use Debian GNU/Linux in 2000. It wasn’t my first distro, it started with Red Hat 4 in 1996. Before that, I was playing with Slackware two years ago.

I met some Debian Spanish developers — most of them are good friends after 15 years — and they talked to me about a better Linux. They convinced me to start using Debian and I did that for 10 years. It was the operating system on my laptops, workstation, and servers. I was very proud and happy to be a Debian user. Then, I decided to take a look at OSX and I still using it on my daily job. I know, I got lazy and I hadn’t enough patient to deal with drivers, screens, WiFi cards and so on, anymore. However, I learnt a lot about operating systems, Linux kernel and drivers using Debian. I also met a lot of really smart people thank to Debian community. I have written many articles about Linux and Debian, even a book about Linux Mint, a derivative Linux distribution so I felt like a Debian community member. It will be hard to explain my Linux passion without talking about Debian, which it was there for many years of my professional career and personal life.

I read about Ian Murdock death some weeks ago and it made me feel so sad. He founded Debian being the Ian. I still remember when my friend Amaya explained to me that before I started to use Debian. Ian was a visionary and a hard worker being actively involved in two of the most influential pieces of software ever, Debian and Docker.

This post is my personal tribute to Ian, thanks for you passion, your work and your vision of the World. RIP.