Reflections on Meeting with Senator Bernie Sanders and Secretary Hillary Clinton, and the…
DeRay Mckesson

Nice article. And thanks for the ability to better know the candidates. I am seriously considering B. Sanders. Hillary is my fall back.

Community policing: Is it possible that this is more prevalent in communities with a higher incidence of crime? I just want to understand whether this related to race or crime or both.

Income Vs. Wealth: Great point.

Broken window offenses: Come on. I don’t want any of this crap happening in my community. Do police lean on these offenses a bit too often? Yes. But should we do away with them? Hells no.

Marijuana legalization: I have a dream….

Legislative avenues for racial equity: Social justice should be a layer of consideration for all legislation. Check.

Civil Asset Forfeiture: If it’s being done disproportionately, then the question is making it fair and equitable. But there are instances where assets must be forfeited.

In general, I agree with much of what you said, but I’d caution you to stop thinking in black and white terms (not referring to skin color here). If something isn’t being done fairly, the answer is not necessarily to end it. The real solutions are more nuanced.