Why you were not born to have a job
Gustavo Tanaka

The sentiments expressed here are lovely and need to be said. I have often felt the same exact way you do. I become mesmerized by the lure of stability and whatever empty promises and meaningless perks the company is putting out there. Three to five months later, whatever enthusiasm thatI had for the job has been drained from me. The disfunction of the organization becomes apparent. Unfortunate personalities are brought to light. And it becomes increasingly difficult to compress who I am into the tiny square box that’s been created for me. I don’t make this transformation well. Ultimately, I rebel. Every. Single. Time. Then I fluctuate between rebelling and pretending — neither activity is particularly rewarding. In fact, it’s quite painful. And in the end, after a year or two, for one reason or another, I’m out. I just can’t, won’t play that game. I don’t fit in that mould.