Becoming Unstuck

I have been thinking recently about being stuck. This has been on my mind because I feel like I have and am going through a process of becoming unstuck. It seems, for me at least, to be only in those transition periods that I am able to acknowledge the times when I have been stuck. So far, never have I been aware enough, humble enough or wise enough to know in the moment, period or season itself. We are amazing at justifying our own actions or lack there of because it seems easier at the time. When I have done this I have been shutting down in a way; cutting off the eternal perspective to suit the immediate desire. Being stuck for me, has been so much more than going nowhere, it has meant taking steps backwards and inwards: compromising and always looking at the ‘me’ of it all. What I have found to be both a catalyst for and a result of becoming unstuck is intentionality, deepening awareness of the self while at the same time becoming less consumed by it. As well as the above, key has been the growth in my ability to be present: being able to mentally be in the place I am. I have so far to go with all this but as I become more and more aware of my identity as a son, as being loved and as having purpose I find the freedom and joy that comes with that process.

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