Whatever Happened To That “Surging Anti-Semitism” Narrative?
Michael Tracey

I generally enjoy and agree with Tracey’s articles however, this is a more complex issue than he is presenting. His suggestion that we (i.e. mainstream media) overplay demonstrations of ant-Semitic behavior, possible or actual threats and actual occurrences, is misses the point. Can we ever report enough of the racist, anti-Semitic, anti gay or anti abortion threats or occurrences in our country? I am not sure that we can or should? The current President ran his campaign (and since being in office has actually demonstrated) using ethnic hatred, religious idolatry and lies as a way to unite his followers and even allowed anti-Semitic comments go unchecked!

Far too often, journalists in their attempt at “fairness” hold back or even cede higher ground to those in power, whether police or politicians and the last campaign, along with the last several years of excessive police violence against black Americans has demonstrated. Had the corporate media been more discerning in their coverage of the Trump “truth vs lies” syndrome, we might not be in a situation where there are people in charge at this time deliberately wanting to destroy government? Plus, the additional treasonous activity now being investigated. So, when it comes to attacks whether the authorities have names or not, on any minority or for that matter any citizen is made, it is the responsibility for the media to certainly evaluate, but more importantly report and question, those who may have something to do with it. The last thing we need today in our meager attempts at journalistic action is a neo-liberal rationalization for NOT reporting or reporting too much of this cancer in our society!

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