Let Me Point out to you How Ridiculous the Trump Tech Meeting Was
Mark Suster

I think it can be debated that they should have come to a meeting pre inaugeration that included is children! If they decided to attend, for whatever reason, then they should have made a pre meeting or post meeting comment about the kids in the room and the potential conflict they raise. For those who follow this guy, it is obvious that Trump is deliberately showing all the kids because he wants to send the message ahead of the inaugeration that they are to be included in business and politics and by the media and corporate acceptance of this charade, once more he is controlling the dialogue!

I would also suggest that everyone invited to that little “gathering”, was aware of what was going on and decided to attend because it was in their interest to attend. They feared the consequences and they attended at his becon call as did all of the Media shills several weeks ago. This is continued complicity and acceptance of potential despotism despite our knowledge of the historical circumstances with Corporations, Religions and Media acquiescing to a potential menace despite their awareness of it, strictly to gain acceptance and/or benefit from that association! Your “understanding” of this contributes to the charade and gives it a sense of intellectual license to not be ashamed or considered to support the Despot. We can only hope that your participation to “not” critique, will not be that one straw that pushes this camel over the edge?

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