If Trump is Impeached, it Might Be the End of America
Isaac Simpson

I wouls say that your assumption is correct and that there would be riots. However, your dismissal of the MSM misses the point in that they were the ones, particulary CNN, that allowed Trump to not only develop as an alternative, but to give him credibility which grew incrementally as the debates and Primaries played out! In fact, although I only “peep” in periodically now, they are still doing the same thing with their incessant talking heads arguing for and against every word stated! This was and is the foundation of “Fake News” because it always was Democrats vs Republicans, liberals vs conservatives with no specific that stated LIE or TRUTH! Therefore with no notion of lie or truth, there is NO truth at all, only opinions regardless how far fetched they might be.

So, although Fox lies, and in fact does produce “Fake News” so was CNN and all the other MSM’s. But with Fox and the other conservative talk shows and media, they are consistant in their lies and therefore not easily questioned by a believer. MSNBC does not fit that bill completely because they did have alternative conservative TV led by Scarborough, an unabbridged conservative who never flintched at distorting an issue.

So from my perspective, although your end game may in fact be true, there seems to be no alternative to that? After all, the MSM is still doing the same stuff and disregarding the potential result because they are still corporate controlled and also still believe they are immune to Totalitarianism, the roght wing, although getting jittery, is still spouting lies and the politicos, still support Trump, although they now know they too are on a slippery slope. All that spells impeachment to me. But, non impeachment means Trump moves the needle right to the line of Totalitarianism and maybe over that line if the military remail silent. I think we will see a SCOTUS decision that he does not like and a possible refussal to comply and that will be the catalyst.

We will always have the exrtreme right as all nations do, but what we do not have in America is an alternative that serves the interests of the middle class. That has been effectivly wipped out by Capitalism. Until there is a viable alternative political Party, a Progressive alternative with actual vission, curage and leadership, that can ameliorate and appease a significant segment of the right, we may be in for many years of conflict or worse. It will take a major effort to reduce the influence and control of the elite, Capitalism on the economy, the media and politicized religions for us to overcome this period in our short history! Whether we have the courage or will to even do that is still unknown?

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