There’s nothing ambiguous about it.

Let me just say this and maybe we can bring some cohesion back into the discussion. I am saying that when threats are made, by anyone against any person or organization, it is the responsibility of the media to report those threats regardless of who is making the threats. That is pretty straight forward. It used to be a basic policy of policing that when threats are made you immediately respond because you have no idea of their validity and in many of the cases during the time period Casey uses in his article there were actual assaults on property, if not lives. To condone such threats or actual assaults by stating that we never know who did them or if there was intent, is not relevant! Nor, is it responsible, particularly in today’s environment.

Regarding the rest of what you write, I can only say that you have been propagandized and that if you cannot read all of the info out there, even at this point in time, regarding the Russian scene, then that is your choice. Propaganda is the main reason for Corporate News and Media. That is what they do, but not for ideological reasons, but for purely corporate reasons. As long as they can keep America divided, discussing trivial differences and blaming the poorest for our problems, then we will never have the time or interest to see exactly what the 2% are doing! If we keep thinking red and blue states, we will never see the haul that this current government and Congress are getting ready to rack in and in the process, bankrupt our country.

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