Introducing Change Collective

Transforming the way we change

We all exhibit a deep desire to improve our lives. Perhaps this is what makes us uniquely human. Personal change enables us to lead happier and more fulfilled lives. It enriches the lives of those around us. It enables us to rise up and make a difference in this world.

In early 2013, my co-founder Derek and I started thinking about how we could build a company and a technology to help. We’d spent years together at Zeo focusing on one specific, extremely valuable, part of people’s lives: sleep. We built a measurement device, tools to share your data, and innovative ways to analyze and improve your sleep.

We spent the early part of 2013 interviewing hundreds of customers, prototyping ideas, and deepening our knowledge of how change works. The spark of inspiration that lead to Change Collective traces back to a line of thought that just kept repeating in our interviews.

When change matters— identity must shift.

We asked people what motivated them to attempt change, and what actually caused changes to stick. What emerged was clear. When change matters — identity must shift. People became Vegan or Paleo. They became Runners or Crossfitters. They became GTD’ers or Inbox Zero aficionados.

The Expert Voice

People who make change happen find inspiration in a specific individual or community — then remake their very selves around these role models.

Throughout history we’ve sought guidance on how to live our lives. Yesterday’s tribal leaders and shamans have led to today’s professors and authors. People just like us who’ve trod the path.

But change is hard. Painfully hard. We’ve all experienced the excitement of possibility morph into disappointment and anguish. Why can’t we just stick with it?

What’s so hard about change?

Rich content (books, videos) provide us with stories, role models, guidance, and tug at our emotions. Then they leave us without the support we need to change.

Apps and devices flip the script. Their technology-driven approach provides tracking, reminders, and support from our friends. But they fall short on providing expert guidance and meaningful, emotional connection.

Where Change Collective Fits

We’re working to bridge the gap between the emotions that drive change and the structural elements that help. Change will always be hard — but we deserve better tools to pave the way.

We’re announcing today Change Collective Courses. We’re working with world-class experts to teach change in a new way. Expert methods, content, and powerful stories are paired with mobile technology and behavioral science. The result is courses that tap into both the emotion behind change and the provide structure to be successful.

Books are old-school. Begin to expect that expert voices will reach you in your everyday life, that a community will be mobilized to support you, and that you’ll have reminders, tracking, and behavior science to support you as you change.

Our ultimate vision for Change Collective is audacious. We’re bringing together people who know change and who know technology. We’re building a company culture that celebrates and supports people as they build toward who they truly are. In our daydreams, we imagine our experts nudging you through your wearable technology and we envision a day where we can electrically tickle the regions of your brain where habits are formed.

Transform the way we change and we’ll transform the way we live.

Join us at or @ChangeCollect and ping me @bsrubin — we’d love to have your help and feedback.