GSM Backhaul by Virtue of Satellite Broadband

Wireless communications porters are faced with increasing demand for GSM backhaul on satellite, 3G and 4G services due to the climbing popularity of online videos and other web services. Rural markets, unlike the urban regions, face the same level of bandwidth inadequacy. But the issue with rural population is that they are not quite large enough to captivate investments on telecommunication substructure. Thankfully, satellite backhaul can make it easier for the companies to develop their network capacity.

Expanding Mobile Backhaul to Rural Areas

GSM signals backhauled on satellite bring cellular assistance to thousands of citizenry in the remote areas. International satellite porters are recently widening their network to cover Africa and the Middle East. For the folks living in rural areas, Mobile backhaul on satellite is the only means to get the wireless services, that’s exactly why administrators in many countries are funding satellite communications. For example, the U.S. and Australian governments have provided the subsidies on satellite broadband.

EuroBird 9 : A Flexible Platform for TV Broadcasting

Eutelsat Euro Bird 9 at 9 degrees east broadcasts TV transmission across Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. It provides over 350 channels including 50 in high-definition. Euro Bird 9 can be accessed by using a dual-feed antenna.

Transponder Leasing Services

With transponder leasing services, customers throughout Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East, and Africa region can now enjoy the highest transmission service integrity.