Special Elections: I Don’t Believe In Moral Victories
Tim Ryan

I live in Columbus and I worked pretty damn hard, spending my own cash for postcards and stamps, to help SC06 voters hear Archie’s message. I moved to Columbus from North Carolina, and I spent a lot of time in SC06 visiting, so I knew Archie had an uphill battle. I knew that the DCCC sending a ton of media money down there would hurt more than help, and I knew the GOP would largely ignore what they saw as a sure thing. I knew a whisper campaign to closet Dems was just what they needed. I was tickled he did so well. I hope he’s not dissuaded by all this in-party finger pointing.

Do you wonder if your visits to SC06 harmed Archie? A yankee D.C. Dem from a pro-union state running into a right-to-work state south of the mason dixon with opinions and promises?

Anyhow, I can’t finish my thought. Nancy Pelosi is giving a press conference on restoring the VRA and protecting the vote. That’s a message that runs deep in my heart as I marched many miles in NC to stop GOP voter suppression, and I’m putting in my fair share here in our home state of Ohio to put this Fair Districts congressional gerrymandering initiative on own ballots for 2017. My shift standing outside a library in the sun starts in 52 minutes. Grassroots Dems are doing great things these days without their big D Dem rep’s help or attention.

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