Not my America

The country that Donald Trump describes is one that I do not know, and one that I hope I never will know.

Last night was a very sad night for me and most people around me. Although it was hard, we watched the entire acceptance speech of the Republican Candidate, Donald Trump. We watched in shock as Donald Trump described a country that lived in fear, where chaos ensued, and where tolerance was not known. Mike Murphy, a GOP Strategist, NBC Analyst, and Senior Fellow at Harvard Belfer Center hit it on the head when he said, “I wasn’t aware we were living in Gotham City”. Me neither.

Moreover, there was a complete disregard for the facts. Donald wants you to believe that it is unsafe to walk outside and that murder rates are on the rise in every city. That is just not true. He failed to discuss some of the bigger issues that surround violence like gun control. Instead he bragged about his endorsement from the NRA. He thinks he can single handedly scare ISIS into submission. Good luck with that.

While Ivanka Trump was a breath of fresh air to the negativity, what she said just does not match up with the facts. To say her father is sacrificing to run for office, offends me. I am not sure her father knows what sacrifice is. If he did, maybe we would pay his taxes that would help fund our police officers, firefighters, and other programs to support the women and children he apparently cares so much about. If he cares so much about women’s issues, he would not have selected Mike Pence as his VP. Mike Pence may have the worst record on women’s issues of any state leader.

There is no question there are substantial issues we need to deal with in this country. Economic equality, immigration, gun control, education reform, equality for women, climate change, the racial divide, treatment for mental illness, healthcare, terrorism, diversity in business, trade, jobs. The list is long and there is no easy fix. No one person can solve it. It takes incredible minds, innovation, hard work, compassion, collaboration and partnership to make a dent in these vexing issues. Leading by fear is not a long term strategy. Not in business and not in government.

We can do better than this. We are not a hateful people, we are good, we kind and we are accepting. Fear is not our enemy, but complacency is. If you do not want a country that is ruled by fear and hate, do what you can to make a difference. Volunteer, donate, and please vote.