ChangeMaker of the Week: Tim Heard

Bstow: What is your personal mantra? (The phrase that guides you to make the choices and decisions that you do)

Tim: You can’t change the status quo by forming a part of it; positive change requires people to take action, to stand out, to break new ground and to shake things up

Bstow: Share a bit of your personal and professional background.

Tim: I grew up in Birmingham, UK before heading to University in Leeds to study Geography and then moving to London, where I now live. I am currently a Programme Manager in Technology at Barclays as well as being the Co-Founder of The Circle of Young Intrapreneurs — the world’s largest free network of Social Intrapreneurs. Outside of this I also play rugby, football and play the drums. I try, and often fail more than I should, to fit everything in and still see all the important people in my life. I love travelling, not to ‘discover myself’ but to discover the world around me and understand better how it, and people, work so I always work to become more empathetic of others as well as understanding other cultures and beliefs.

Bstow: What cause is closest to your heart?

Tim: Social Intrapreneurship — a methodology which harnesses the power of corporations to solve social problems.

Bstow: Why is it important to you? Is there something that happened in your own life that moved you to support this cause?

Tim: I am a Social Intrapreneur myself (at Barclays) and worked as a part of a team to create Barclays Roundup with bstow. I have seen the power of this movement to not only solve social problems but also provide people all over the world with the means to do well and do good (including myself). I believe passionately that this is not only a social opportunity but also a business opportunity where companies make a profit by solving social problems; creating a virtuous cycle.

Bstow: What charity/charities are working to have an impact on this cause? How are they creating change?

Tim: I couldn’t write this without pushing my charity a little! The Circle of Young Intrapreneurs is a movement designed to inspire, guide, develop and deliver purpose-driven business ideas from young social intrapreneurs in large corporate organisations globally We aim to help drive positive social change through business, by creating a community of young change-makers, supporting them with mentoring and advice from leading intrapreneurs, encouraging pan-industry collaboration to solve shared societal challenges, and driving advocacy of the intrapreneurial agenda within corporates. Check us out!

Bstow: Who is someone you look up to outside of your family and why?

Tim: Counter to the question…but a good answer…is that I most look up to my Mum! I am a triplet and my Father sadly passed away when we were 6 so my mum essentially brought up 3 kids by herself whilst balancing everything else in everyday life and a demanding career. I can’t imagine how hard that was.

Bstow: Finish this sentence; “I recommend…”

Tim: …taking the time every night before you go to sleep to think of 5 things that have made you happy that day — its sounds cheesy but I’ve found it extremely motivating

Bstow: When all is said and done, how would you like to be remembered?

Tim: I want to be remembered for doing something that made a difference, not just for me, or to my immediate surroundings, but something which will have improved the lives of people I will never, and have never, met so the people who did know me would say they that they were glad they did whilst I was here.