Why me??

Often I have been asked and have asked myself “why me?” What is so special about me such that I believe I can change the world…or even just shift the collective consensus a millimeter in the direction of positive social progress?

I am so focused on achieving my goals that I forget to ask why — or it’s so ingrained in my psyche that I no longer feel that I need to. While I can think of many reasons, it ultimately comes down to this: I am a risk taker, I refuse to live in fear, and I hope that others can learn from my failures as I have.

There is no doubt that my collective experiences as a whole, or in parts, line up with a large group of people out there — that have gone through and overcome tragedies, have felt the immeasurable weight of depression, have fallen in and then out of love, have felt heartbreak, have been frustrated with what they feel to be injustice (sometimes petty and other times profound), and yet — have had that swing of emotion to feel exuberantly happy. In this lifetime, I have felt all of those things and more — and I have been happy for long periods of time, as well. You out there, somewhere reading this — I am sharing in hopes that you can come to believe that no matter what the situation, tragic or embarrassing — you are not alone. Others have felt the same way and have the ability to share and empower our community in many ways. And so do you!

Suggested reading:

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