Greenline Travels

A lady with intense anxiety was seen roaming on the streets of Bangalore bus terminus for boarding her seat to Ooty which she had booked a month earlier in the State Corporation of India bus but was startled to know that because of a strike, the union leaders have asked the transport to be paused for few days until their demands are met. Desperate to attend her cousin’s wedding, she sat down in the waiting area clueless what to do next. Seeing all these, a guy approached her to where she was sitting and asked her if he could give her a solution and take her to Ooty.

Though excited about such an offer, hesitant to trust an unknown person NO was what she spoke out. The person confronted her by saying that he would take an affordable fare for the trip and if she was concerned with the safety then his travels ought to be trusted as it has been in the travel industry for quite a few years. Ready to take a chance, she rose and went along with the travel guy, after few steps what she saw was unbelievable. There was a splendid Volvo AC bus with GreenLine Travels written on the top ready to ride off with a huge crowd surrounding it for getting a seat in it. The driver helped the passengers in keeping their baggage in the trunk. So moved with the service, she got into the bus and was mesmerized with its interiors and cleanliness. After keeping her hand luggage in the loft, she sat in the seat allotted and felt the coziness cover up her tiredness.

Wanted to know more about this travels, she immediately googled up which said; GreenLine Travels is one of the luxurious fleet operator rendering premier services to people of all categories so that everyone feels the joy of traveling. With well-maintained coaches, vigilant driving, on-time schedules and comfortable trips, GreenLine has gained a mark in the bus transportation sector. It is known to cover over 26 routes daily with the major ones to be, Bangalore to Ooty, Bangalore to Kodaikanal, Ooty to Hosur, Madikeri to Bangalore, Kushalnagar to Hosur, Napoklu to Bangalore, Pondicherry to Ooty, Pondicherry to Bangalore and Pondicherry to Kodaikanal.

At last, it also said that it is one of the authorized partners of India’s leading online bus ticket booking portal, TicketGoose. Satisfied with whatever she read and witnessed, GreenLine became her favorite travel operator.