How a Website Redesign can help boost your business

We’ve all been there…your new website is finally complete, you’re relieved that the hard work is over and you’re ready to sit back and reap the rewards!

Unfortunately, in the ever evolving world of the web and technology, this is not an option if you want your website to achieve the ultimate goal ie to have a site that your customers find appealing, easy to navigate and that ultimately encourages them to utilise the service your company offers .

Not keeping your Website up to date is always a bad option.

Clients will be reluctant to use an site that appears dated and is not easy to use and this in turn will affect your profitability as a company. Why would clients use your website if your competitor is offering a better user experience on their site, even if the products on offer are the same.

How can you tell if this is the case and your website requires updating? Luckily, there are a few key signs you can look for.

Bounce rate

A good starting point is to check your website’s ‘bounce’ rate. This is the rate at which users are leaving your website and can be found on Google Analytics under the Traffic Section found in ‘Acquisition’.

If your bounce rate is high, it is a good idea to consider the following aspects of your website.

Your design

How up to date is the design of your website and how appealing is it to potential clients? What may have been modern looking at the time of creation may now look dated and may not make for the most welcoming user experience for potential clients.

An outdated looking website may suggest outdated services and could create reluctance from clients to use your product/service.

Site navigation

How easy your website is to navigate and how clearly your products/service are displayed again affects how potential clients use your website and how long they spend on it.

If your website is cumbersome you can be sure the user will go elsewhere to find a website that creates a more positive user experience and ultimately this results in lost business for you.

Technical issues

Technical issues such as error pages will result in clients only remaining on your website for a few seconds. It is always worth checking your site for these types of errors.

Likewise, slow loading pages are a real bug bear for most users. If the pages are not loading quickly enough it is unlikely that they will remain on your website.


Another issue that is often overlooked when developing a website is how it will look on mobile devices. According to Google statements, more that 50% of web searches come from mobile devices.

It is vital, therefore, that how a website looks on mobile is not simply an afterthought or given no consideration at all, but that it is considered from the beginning of any website development and design process.

These are a few issues to consider when deciding how effective and up to date your website currently is and ultimately how successful it will be in marketing your product and developing your sales or services.

Interested ? is committed to the highest quality of website design and development. We do not have websites that we try to fit your content in. We begin with your needs and the website is tailored to what content and design is best suited to you and your users.

An up to date website is essential to ensure that your organisation is realising its full potential and that your clients are having as good a user experience as possible — then the possibilities really are endless…

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