Statement of purpose.

Several centuries after development of human civilization it does not appear that we could find any common value across time or space except preservation of human dignity and freedom of thought and action.

At multiple occasions we attempt to change the very simple and basic meaning of these concepts for causes other than what they actually represent and the outcome was nothing but brutality, massacre and further bloodshed. Some were well documented but most not. Some were put in use for purposes other than what were the true purpose and the consequence was nothing but more bloodshed. Different sects and religions aroused over history to restore these very basic notions and each and every time, it seems, they slipped away from the consciousness of civilizations and more catastrophes followed.

There are millions of individuals exercising whatever their religion or system of belief ask them to do but there are those few who drop any belief which does not have preservation of freedom as its northern star. These few devote their entire lives to reach out to those who were suppressed and deprived of these privileges in their societies and communities.

These exceptional prophets arise from the very same communities which need them the most, they do not come from far far away. Maybe they come to this understanding by observing their societies more carefully and recalling the true nature and origin of values they personally hold, namely freedom of thought and action. They don’t hold guns in their hands to fight this injustice. They don’t cause further sufferings through their actions. They believe this to be far more powerful and with profound consequences.

We respect every and all of these individuals across our history and at present time; most of them unknown to us and most of them doing their best in utmost silence while we enjoy the fruits of their efforts.

Perhaps we can remember them and celebrate them. Perhaps we can contribute to their efforts by embracing these basic values. Values which of course do not interfere with whatever we, as free individuals, believe. Values which encourage us to think and hold our own independent opinions, express them freely without fear of judgement. Perhaps we can improve the society we live in by empowering others to shape their own opinions. Perhaps we can respect people with beliefs different from ours not out of social values, which by the way is as volatile as leafs of a tree in autumn, but because of our own personal, firm and principled values. Standards which require us before anything else to preserve human dignity and freedom of thought and action at every level in our society.

Schindler’s List movie.