You Can Harness the Power of Ten Minutes

Every day I have to remind myself of the power that is in ten minutes. It is easy to forget. After all, it is only ten minutes. You can’t do much with that little time.

That is the thought I had before I became a Time Investor! Now I know that even small amounts of time are valuable.

Months ago, I did an experiment. It takes me about ten minutes to get to work each morning. I decided to see what I could do on that short trip. I set my phone to record and transcribe my conversation with myself. Here are the results.

When the trip was finished, I had 750 words transcribed!

What an encouragement! I had been working on a project and had not been able to get very far. This experiment became an inspiration. During the trips that followed, I used that time to plan out my project and then to enact the plan.

In the next 40 days, using my trips to work and other Transitional Times*, I put together a book titled, Yes, You Do Have Time! (publishing soon). The total was 181 pages of information. Almost 30,000 words! Wow! I could hardly believe it.

I had wanted to write a book for a long time but never thought I had the time. For years I had overlooked ten minutes here and there without even thinking about it. Now, I realize that it is wise to invest in even the small amounts of time to accomplish major tasks.

You can too!

Begin to invest in your time and yourself. Harness the power of small amounts of time.

  • Define your dream.
  • Set a goal.
  • Develop a plan that you can work within small time-frames.
  • Determine a way to keep track of your information you gather.
  • Compile your information.
  • Develop your project (book, blog, business plan, invention, etc.)

Using this model, I am able to do so much more! I am going to work every day already. Why not achieve some goals on the way? Over the last months, I have written a book, transcribed notes to teach in a Master level class that I teach at the seminary, plan out sermons, and compose letters and email responses, all by investing in ten minutes that I previously overlooked.

Try it yourself! See what you can do by investing in your Transitional Time over the next seven days. I know it can be a great encouragement to you.

Happy Investing!

*Transitional Time is any time I am moving between two tasks and I personally have control of that time; when I am doing a routine task which does not require constant mental attention.

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