The June and July 2016 National news section are now up.

As was the last update, we discovered that some articles are missing, mostly from July. We will attempt to address this shortly.

We have discovered that the ‘search’ function on our website is presently not returning any meaningful results, or in fact any results, so we kindly encourage you for the moment to use Google instead to search through our site (for example, using “(search term)”).

We were surprised to find out about the burgeoning illegal taxi industry in this country. According to the various articles about them…

The April and May 2016 National news section are now up. That represents around 800 news articles that were published in those 2 months.

Readers may notice there are some days without posts in April 2016. Missing articles are more common in the early years, with whole months sometimes unavailable (the 2008 National category is an example). For the ones in April in particular, we think this may be due to a mistake in categorisation when they were originally put up, and we will look into looking into filling these gaps once most of the other articles are online.


Starting off, most of the March 2016 articles in the National section have been uploaded and are now available.

We made the decision to open a Medium account for reasons manyfold– primarily as a milepost for when we put up new sections of the site, but also to highlight interesting articles that we come across during the conversion from raw HTML source code of the former newspaper’s website to the format our content management system uses.

We will also publish some articles that pertain to The Brunei Times, and the behind the scenes regarding the maintenance of The BT Archive.

We hope you will find them useful.

The BT Archive Team

The maintainers of, a project to preserve articles from The Brunei Times

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