This Guy Studies Man Caves for a Living; Here’s What He’s Learned
C. Brian Smith

I work from home in a decent sized town home. I’ve managed to wrangle control of the entire entry level (where my office is) from my wife and turning it to my man cave. I absolutely resonate with the “tinkering den” view. I’m an introvert and don’t really want a spot to “hang out with the fellas” though sometimes that’s what I use it for.. it’s mostly a place with a TV an computer for me to work and play in. In NO way is it a blacklash against feminism. My logic is simply this… my wife can decorate any area of the house with whatever she wants. Arrangements, colors, pictures, curtains, whatever…. she has control (with some input from me), but when I read “that’s her area”… that’s what I take it to mean. She can do what she wants in those places.. kitchen, laundry room, master bedroom… that’s her place of sovereignty. The office is mine.

I have seating for my family for when they want to come down and visit while I’m working through the day or even after hours if we all just want to be in one room together… but mostly.. it’s me, my pc or my playstation for a maybe a single uninterrupted hour of “tinkering”.

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