On dating men with “potential”

Ableism is a thing, and it seems to be running rampant in this essay.

Bi-polar disorder, addiction, and anxiety disorders are painful and difficult, but they don’t prevent someone from being a “real man” or “real woman.” I get what you are trying to say with this essay, and I agree that the challenge of accepting someone as a fully-realized human being (not just someone with the potential to be a fully-realized human being), despite his or her personal problems, isn’t for everyone, but it hardly seems necessary to throw disabled people under the bus to make that point.

Plenty of people in my life have mental disabilities, yet each and every one is still a real person to me. Not better or worse, just different, and we all have the potential to be better, from the homeless war veteran struggling with PTSD to the successful businesswoman who oversees hundreds of employees in a company she built from scratch. I hope I don’t get so jaded that I see this differently in 10 or 20 years.

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