Usually, I agree with Ben, but not always.
Carl Sandburg

Pro-Abortion stances can encompass a “right” for the women all the up to a point where delivery of the fetus/baby is the next natural step. Moreover, pro-choice at the furthest level denies that the fetus baby is ever a human life. At some point, that fetus becomes a baby, and because science keeps on expanding the point at which that baby is medically viable, making the sweeping generalization that there is no logic or rational basis for a pro-life stance is problematic, at best.

Whether a mother wants to carry a fetus to term is unrelated to the theoretical fate of fetuses of the future, given the ever-increasing ability of society to sustain a fetus without the mother’s involvement. That is a whole other philosophical issue.

Under free choice, the mother should be able to no longer be responsible for carrying the fetus if that is her preference. At present, this generally means the fetus is aborted and never becomes a human being. In the future, maybe things will look different, and one could certainly make a strong case that a woman’s ownership over her own body no longer extends to a fetus that has been extracted and preserved elsewhere. In some sense, this is tantamount to turning a baby over for adoption.

I am less interested in that debate and more interested in making clear the case that being pro-life, such as it is now, is misogynistic because it seeks to force a woman to carry a fetus even if she doesn’t want to. Being pro-life is a form of oppression in that it seeks to force a woman to subject her body to a will that is not her own. The debate over pro-choice vs. pro-life is fundamentally a debate over whether you believe women should have agency over their own bodies, and it is not surprising to me that the same ideologies that hold women to be secondary and subservient to men, ideologies that also prescribe roles, behavior, and restrictions on dress for women, also hold women to be secondary and subservient to fetuses.

I do not share this view of women as objects for patriarchal laws, and I believe in unrestricted free choice for women over their own bodies.

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