The haunting and taunting refrain from Anna Kendrick’s catchy song “Cups” reminds the intended audience, whomever they are, that they’re going to miss her when she’s gone. Anna Kendrick has not left us — let’s hope she hasn’t used her ticket for the long way ‘round just yet — but let’s pretend for a moment that the me in the song is the news media, and that the news media is now singing “Cups” to us, it’s intended audience.

Imagine your network of choice sitting there, looking up at you with that mournful pouting stare, starting to tap on the…

From Hollis+Miller Architects

“The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”
Albert Einstein

Who are the most vulnerable in our society? Which segment of the population demands our vigilant protection?

Our children.

Our future.

So then why are we sending them back to their schools so quickly during a global pandemic? How might their psyches change wearing masks in school all day? Will they ever get to eat outside of the classroom? Will they ever play outside?

Right now, the answer seems to be: “Let’s see.”

Life has fundamentally…

7:00 am = 9:30 am

Lunchtime = 2:45 pm

Dinner = no sooner than 7:30 pm

Bedtime = 1:00 am (earliest)

This afternoon = Tomorrow or the next day

Tomorrow = The day after tomorrow or the following day

This weekend = Sometime mid next week

Next week = Two weeks from now

Two weeks from now = Next month

Next month = July, but most likely August

Thursday = Tuesday

Friday = Wednesday

Saturday = Thursday

Sunday = never ending

Photo by Ethan Medrano on Unsplash

It’s a sad moment in our great country’s history. Everywhere we look, everything we do, sometimes everything we think, is being ripped apart and flushed down the toilet by liberals. They’re dismantling our beautiful liberties and freedoms piece by glorious piece. It started with political correctness — forcing us to say what they want us to say. Demanding we watch our labels and how we describe someone or something, coercing us not to trigger anyone. What the fuck? Then it went on with public bathrooms. Have you been to an airport lately? In between the icon of the man with…

mmm…curly fries

There are three things Americans love doing:

1. Spending money

2. Eating

3. Nothing

And when do we love doing these things? Anytime we can, but especially on vacations. We save our money so we can take time off, then go do those things in other places. Either right here in U.S.A., or Hawaii. Maybe we’ll get a little wild and visit another country. We might even go to a few museums, maybe do a light hike or something.

Bottom line: vacations are sacred times. They are a little escape from our daily grind. We love them, but we don’t…

Dear Oprah,

And The Rock, and Kid Rock, Cuban Mark, Ivanka, and any celebrity who has designs for ‘The’ office, or any office, now, or in 2020, or at any time, from here until the end of our democracy. Don’t do it. Please! Don’t put your name anywhere near a ballot. It’s not worth it. …

The staff lounge in Dr. C’s office in Rancho Mirage, California is one of the swankiest I’ve ever visited. An ample rectangular conference table, which can seat up to ten people, is stationed at the center, surrounded by lots of elbow room. At ten o’clock is a workable kitchenette with a stainless-steel French-door refrigerator, the inside of which is spotless. …

Every July, at my company’s North American Business Summit, we do a couple of things: kick off the new fiscal year in deep discussions about the state of our business in both large and small groups during the day, then get wasted at night complaining about everything we did during the day, and do throughout the year. It’s a roller coaster of beer and wine, hotel food buffets, and sitting for hours at a time, something sales people do not like doing.

Last summer’s meeting was held at the Trump National Doral Miami resort. Upon arrival, you check in at…

B Taylor García

Husband, father, writer. He/Him. SoCal by way of New Mexico. (Warning: I get political) Columnist: @GoodMenProject

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