An Uber Eats Trick For Fatties Like Me

If you’re lucky and live in Atlanta, Austin, Barcelona (zuh?), Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, or Washington, D.C., then you’re serviced by Uber’s new-ish Uber Eats food delivery thang.

It’s a blatant rip off of Spoon Rocket (available in the Bay Area and Seattle), and it means from 11am to 2pm on weekdays you can get whatever two or three items are on the menu that day delivered to you by an Uber driver straight from the app, usually in about 5 minutes.

Which is AWESOME for fatties like me who have no meal planning skills but are really hungry every time they are not sleeping. The only thing that’s not awesome is that you can’t order lunch until 11am (or 5pm for Dinner or 10am on the weekends for Brunch if those are available in your region.)


But what if you wanted to eat lunch at… 10:53?!

So here’s the trick. Typically about 5–15 minutes before mealtime starts, you’ll see some Uber Eats drivers driving around in the app.

A lot of good that does you, because the app prevents ordering from them until the official mealtime start. The teases!

On a lark, I thought I’d test what happened if I changed my phone’s time to pretend it already was 11am.

Let’s NOT set the time automatically for a change.

And boom, I could order.

And boom, the food came.

And boom, I got fatter.

And boom, you can too.

(Don’t forget my other trick for riding Uber without a credit card (using Bitcoin!)