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Please immediately upgrade your BTG Core full nodes to version 0.17.2, published July 2, 2020.

UPDATE: if you did not upgrade prior to July 10 at 14:00 UTC, you will also want to perform the command:

invalidateblock 00000000635620f22ba8694aea532d51619f8cd060f4e42e85db3cb3a5d1c29c


A decentralized way to prevent double-spends from 51% attacks.

Originally posted here alongside draft whitepaper with full details.

A brief overview of CCBN:

What is Notarization, and how does it work?

BTG blocks are Notarized to well-known public blockchains which serve as our “Notarychains.”

Notarizations contain complete BTG block headers with the solution hashes (so they cannot be easily faked.)

Notarizations gain Weight based on their depth in the Notarychain. Those made earlier gain Weight faster than those made later.

When are Notarizations used?

When a competing chain of blocks (a fork) appears, BTG nodes with CCBN do not switch to the longer chain immediately.

Instead, they check the Notarychains to calculate Weight and…

We’re thrilled to announce the Release Candidate of BTG Core wallet v0.17.1

This major update to our Full Node wallet includes substantial new features for BTG and numerous bug fixes.

You can download the new Release Candidate here.

This release will likely become the final release; it has been extensively tested, but remember this is still a Release Candidate and there may still be bugs to be discovered. Typical users can shut down their node, install the new version, and start their upgraded node without issue, but it’s always best to backup everything, especially wallet.dat files, first.

As promised, BTG strives to stay in-sync with Bitcoin Core’s developing features. BTG Core v0.17.1…

It has been just over a year since the Bitcoin Gold project launched. Since then, we’ve been striving to carefully shepherd our young project towards being a fair, transparent, and above all, decentralized cryptocurrency. We observed our One Year Anniversary on November 12th with a refreshed website. Today we have some news about changes in our leadership.

Aug 10, 2018 | Development, Technical, Updates

Since the day they were first mined, the Endowment’s wallets have been public on the BTG blockchain, but rumors and misinformation persist. This post explains the Endowment mining process in detail and lists all of the wallets.

In 2017, the Bitcoin Gold project duplicated (forked) the Bitcoin blockchain as a fair way to distribute 16 million coins, and then launched with an 8000-block mining period to create a 100,000 BTG Endowment to support the future of the project.

As of early August, 2018, about 20,000 BTG have been spent from the Endowment and…

Responsible Disclosure

As you may be aware, Bitcoin Gold has a Responsible Disclosure policy listed on the website, which is basically a (bug) bounty program for reporting security vulnerabilities in our stable software versions or infrastructure.

It allows people to safely report an issue to us, and if they follow the rules set out in the Responsible Disclosure policy, we will not take any legal action against them in regard to the report (hacking is still illegal).

The Report

Through the end of March, we received only false reports of “non-existing” issues, which we rejected. However, we recently received the first report which our…

We have a treat from our developers — a Technical Preview release of Lightning Network running on Bitcoin Gold!

Our devs have successfully brought to life all the core functions for a BTG-based implementation of Lightning Network, based on LND (the Lightning Network Daemon) from Lightning Labs. This release provides a Technical Preview version that other developers can test and experiment with.

What is Lightning Network?

It’s a brilliant way to create super-fast, micro-cost BTG payments with virtually no limits to the transactions per second or the number of users.

Lightning Network payments take place through payment channels directly between users, without waiting for…

Block 536200 was mined Jul 3, 2018 at 9:59:26 PM UTC

Unlocked: New PoW, Equihash-BTG
Unlocked: New DAA, LWMA

The Network Upgrade was a success, the blockchain is stable, and all partners can resume regular activities — including returning confirmation requirements to pre-fork levels.

Now delivering: greater safety, greater stability, and renewed ASIC resistance

It has been a long, hard couple of weeks, but we made it!

For anyone who doesn’t yet know:

Equihash-BTG, our new Proof of Work algorithm, can’t be mined by current ASIC miners, but can be mined by GPUs. So, this kicks them out of our pools.

The new algorithm also comes with personalization that makes it harder to re-direct mining power through a “hashrate market.” The recent “51%” attacks…

The BTG blockchain has been performing wonderfully since the successful Network Upgrade last week. If you’re using our ElectrumG wallet, make sure you update to the latest version, published last week:

ElectrumG 3.2.1

ElectrumG 3.2.1 is a stable release and is fully compatible with the recently Upgraded Bitcoin Gold Network.

What is ElectrumG?

ElectrumG is our version of the popular Electrum Bitcoin Wallet, modified for BTG. It’s is a full-featured wallet that’s easy to use for beginners but provides many advanced features — including invoices, multisig wallets, cold storage, and a rich set of functionality for advanced users and developers.

Most importantly, ElectrumG…

BITCOINGOLD.ORG is online and all systems are green.

Some of our services (accessed through the bitcoingold.org name) were inaccessible to the public between 13:00 UTC on 21 June and 17:10 UTC on 23 June.

A team member’s recent model mobile phone with up-to-date software and patches was remotely hacked using zero-day exploits. This was a sophisticated and targeted attack. The hackers were then able to hijack our account with our Domain Registrar and point our domain name away from our DNS servers, causing people to lose access to our website, forum, and any services using the bitcoingold.org name.

Our DNS servers and infrastructure were never compromised.



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