Introducing Bitcoin Growth Bot — Investment Platform of the New Token Economy

At Bitcoin Growth Bot, we’ve been thinking about the best ways to grow our Bitcoin holdings which is why we developed the Nucleus token trading ecosystem. Today we are pleased to present the Bitcoin Growth Bot whitepaper for community review:

Bitcoin Growth Bot is an investment platform to grow your bitcoin while you hold through access to our third party verified performance algorithm that trades in the foreign exchange market.

Our investment platform implements a swap exchanging Nucleus, our custom token on the Waves blockchain for Bitcoin, which is traded by the automated bot in the foreign exchange as the base account. At the conclusion of your 28 day term you receive back Bitcoin along with the algorithm’s performance.

Here’s a demo of a simple and clear investment app built on Nucleus:

We’ve designed the platform to be minimalist and intuitive for a very good user experience.

You can always reach us at for questions, comments, or interest. We’re excited to shape the future with you, please visit our website.

Thanks to: Vinay Agarwal, Joshua Cohen, Rich Dombkowski, and Lucas Dixon , for their feedback on the whitepaper.