Access to Bitcomo wallet will be locked 7.11.18

Dear BM-token holders!

Bitcomo Team is here with an important message!

Access to Bitcomo wallet will be locked in 7d — 07.11.2018

Please, check your wallets to be sure that all of your tokens are moved to another ERC20 wallet or YoBit and Cobinhood exchange! In the case of holding BM-tokens on Bitcomo wallet, please, withdraw them before 07.11.2018!

After 7.11.2018 the access to Bitcomo wallet will be totally closed!
You won’t be able to withdraw the remaining tokens!

Bitcomo Team decided to close the wallet because the need in it was just on ICO-stage and post ICO period. For the actual work of Bitcomo platform, it’ll be more comfortable for our investors to keep BM-tokens on other ERC20 wallets.

Bitcomo Team

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