Weekly Report

Hello from Bitcomo Team!
This week was full of work, isn’t it?

We are happy to welcome all our new affiliates and wish them the highest revenue with our top offers!

Best offer of the week: EthereumCode, Offer ID — 44.

For all the questions about optimization and settings of your campaigns, please, contact your personal affiliate manager!

And what about new Advice of the Week?

Do not Fail to Use Statistics!

When you’re testing a few offers at a time how do you pick a winner?

If OfferA made 10 sales and OfferB only made 1 sale, with the same amount of traffic, picking the winner is easy. But what if OfferA made 4 sales and OfferB made 2? Not so easy anymore, is it? Because OfferB has a good chance of “catching up” if you’d just send more traffic to both offers.

Now imagine if you were testing more than 2 offers! Trying to pick the right winner would be a nightmare!

If you pick the wrong winner, you would make less money (or even lose money) than if you had picked the right winner. The difference in earnings can be huge — 100, 1000, or 10000 conversions later.

Also, if you know how to use statistical tools, you’ll be able to cut losers as early as possible, to save time and money in the process.

So the solution is: You need to learn how to accurately identify winners!

Have a good weekend!
Bitcomo Team

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