I’m Never Cashing Out

If I cash out too late
I lose potential profit
But if I cash out too early
I also lose potential profit

I ask him:
How do I know when to cash out?

His answer
shook me
and has stuck with me to this day

“I’m never cashing out”

And with those words
a movement was born

The story of how I finally decided to put my money in Bitcoin.

It’s October
and I’m working
at a small tech company
in cold ass Chicago Illinois

I stumble on
a curious new money called Bitcoin
I may have read an article or two
but definitely don’t know much about it
But yes
it does seem cool

I want to buy some
but also
I have a wife
Not gonna be easy to swing
a hundred dollar purchase
for some online funny-money

an opportunity arises
A colleague’s birthday party is coming up
and my coworkers are brainstorming gift ideas
A Bitcoin! I think
sick gift
but don’t quite know how to get one
so I keep my mouth shut
and start the process

Operation Bitcoin hatched:
try to buy a Bitcoin
If it works
give it as a gift
to my lucky colleague

I log onto Coinbase
create an account
connect a bank account
and order a coin:
1 Bitcoin
October 16th 2013


I have to wait for some verification
or bank confirmation
Point being
the coin won’t arrive
for another a week

My coworker’s birthday comes and goes

We got him a white power cable box
to put under his desk

Three days later
my Bitcoin arrives

My very first Bitcoin

the price drops!
Down 15% in 10 minutes
Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
20 bucks gone
for no good reason
Ok ok
get your shit together
take a breath
Bitcoin is new
these things happen
Close the laptop
walk away

Day 2
no better
but definitely not up enough
to get me out of this hole
I am not cut out for this

Day 3
salvation at last!
A surge
up 60 dollars
Bail bail
immediately bail!
And I do
In at $120
out at $170
$50 profit
and 10 years worth
of gray hair
and physical degradation

I decide
maybe investing in Bitcoin
is not for me

New plan:
keep my money out
and follow the daily price moves
from the sideline
good plan

Technically speaking
I watch for a while
but then move on with my life
I decide to make money
the old fashioned way

And so I do
for the next 5 years
I crank away
gaining skills
and building
other people’s dreams

Then one day
Bitcoin comes back

I’m sitting in an unfamiliar living room
My wife’s parents’ house in Northern Michigan
We’re there for the week
because it’s Christmas

Sitting in a taught high leather chair
the channel switches to the nightly news:

Bitcoin up, Bitcoin up
everybody, everybody
Bitcoin up!

The media are losing their minds
because apparently
Bitcoin is losing its mind too
Up 2,000% in the last year
an astonishing number

Here we go
Of course I’m sucked back in
Instantly back to the research:
Study the historical price movements
Study the current technical challenges

During that week
my project is to finish a painting
I’m working on
A shadowy green canvas
surrounding an old maroon cabin
being constructed at its center
The work is a gift for my mother
and needs to be finished by Christmas

With hours of time alone
mixing reds
and cutting clean edges
I find myself listening to crypto content
Roger Ver
and Richard Heart
Anton Antonopoulos
and of course Tone Vays
Crypto content:
hours and hours
of crypto content
I passionately study
but still
I know I can’t put
any more money in

Christmas comes and Christmas passes
as it does every year
The in-laws board a plane for Florida
My family piles into the truck
for the six hour drive home

A week later
I head to dinner at a new friend’s house

And damn
you should meet this guy
And you should meet
this guy’s crazy friends too
And here I mean crazy
in the best possible way

I’ll put it this way
I’m used to being the most radical person
in any given social situation
Given a radical opportunity
I’m normally down
But at this dude’s house
let’s call him Terry
At Terry’s house
holy shit
I am definitely not
the most radical person there

And I fucking love it
Radical political ideas
radical financial ideas
radical food ideas
health ideas
education ideas
historical ideas
Definitely never
a lack of entertainment

10 minutes into arriving at Terry’s
and before any food is served
I find myself involved in
a deep crypto conversation
with Terry’s good friend Rich
Turns out Rich is mad deep into crypto:
houses worth of value deep
I have to pick this guy’s brain

I tell him my story:
the same story I’ve just told here
a story of getting into crypto
getting out of crypto
of trying to study the market

But there’s a key question I ask him:
How do I know when to cash out?

If I cash out too late
I lose potential profit
But if I cash out too early
I also lose potential profit

It seems
that putting money into Bitcoin
is only ever going to bring me pain
And why would I want to do something
that was going to bring me pain?

I ask him:
How do I know when to cash out?

His answer
shook me
and has stuck with me to this day

I’m never cashing out

And with those words
a movement was born

His answer
Is what finally convinced me
to put my money into Bitcoin
And it’s the crux point
that led me on the journey
to one day start
and launch Bitcoin-Maximalist.com

It’s an entirely different vision:
Not one of investing in Bitcoin
not one of speculating on Bitcoin

but one of converting to Bitcoin
One of transitioning from
the legacy financial system
to a vision of a new future

One of individual financial sovereignty
A vision of the first society ever
run on an uncorrupted money
The vision that I caught from Rich
and the vision that I now hold

Stay through the ups
stay through the downs
no buying low
no selling high
not for profit
but for society
not about the past
but about the future

I’m never cashing out.

Author — J.B. Moon from Bitcoin-Maximlist.com


Written by

The voice of the world’s first uncorrupted money

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