This is minarchism right here. Is that your personal preference?
Abraham Samma

Wow, it’s impressive to meet someone who knows their shit. And yes, minarchism was what I was trying to allude to.

As per my personal preference: actually, I pretty much put those questions aside. Questions of minarchism, vs pure anarchism (anarcho capatilism). Getting to nitty gritty details of the non-aggression-principle. For me, I focus on the pull of freedom. That liberterian idea that a man should be free. I try to pull our society towards that.

I believe we’re currently so far away from that idea that whether we’re pulling for minarchism or anarchism, we’re so far away from both that it really doesn’t matter much at this point. I feel it would be such a big win if we could just get halfway towards either one of them.

So yes, I could have that philosophical debate with a friend if we really wanted to for some reason. But to me, I put that off in the realm of geometry and abstract symbology as it moves away from practical considerations of this world. My thought is that there are only so many hours in the day and I focus mine on packaging that truth and seeking to spread it to the masses.

But for balance, I also wouldn’t look down on someone who focuses a ton of time on that question. I think we need thinkers and actors in all fields of life and if someone is drawn to a different path than me, then we need all of those people.

If pinned down, I would probably say minarchism just because I think it’s more achievable in our lifetimes, especially as a first step.

What’s your preference on that subject?