After riding on a “chicken bus” for 5+ hours and navigating the border crossing fiasco I was dropped off in the beautiful city of #SanJuanDelSur located in #Nicaragua. I immediately walked to the playa and was amazed at the beauty that stared me in the face. Surrounded on both sides by mountains it looks like something from a postcard. After taking in the beautiful sights I noticed a plastic bottle on the beach, then another and another. It was at this moment I became overwhelmed with sadness. I sulked for a bit and considered picking up a piece or two to make myself feel better. With no trashcan in sight, I thought maybe I would come back after finding a hostel. Suddenly I spotted someone picking up a few pieces of trash! I was overjoyed and made a few quick trips up. Spending less than 2 minutes grabbing plastic bottles. My heart was warmed, but the range of emotions mixed with the weariness from travel made a lasting impression. Inspired by this moment; I’ve decided to dedicate more of my life to healing the earth.

I am creating a #nonprofit that rewards global citizens who take action and P.U.P. Pick Up Pollution (mainly cigarettes & plastic) in their home city or abroad.

Citizens who document their P.U.P. and post to social media will be rewarded via. #micropayments & chances to win prizes #venmo #bitcoin. #squarecash #changetip #remotework #digitalnomad