Introducing Buy Bitcoin

BTCPoint has always been passionate about making Bitcoin simple.

Today we are introducing Buy Bitcoin.

Buy Bitcoin is a new way to securely get Bitcoin at more than 9,500 ATMs from La Caixa.

Buy Bitcoin is different because it has been built with a lot of emphasis on simplicity and efficiency. All too often, users are forced to go through lengthy bureaucratic procedures in order purchase Bitcoin. Buy Bitcoin enables you to get Bitcoin instantly using regular Bank ATMs. You don’t need a credit card or Bank account, just a Mobile Phone and a Bitcoin Wallet!

Buy Bitcoin is fast and easy to use.

  1. Enter Info — Enter your Mobile Phone, copy your Bitcoin Address and select the amount you’d like to buy using our Website or Mobile Application
  2. Pay — Send the money to a BTCPoint bank account via deposit on an ATM of La Caixa or wire
  3. Get Bitcoin — Receive Bitcoin instantly in your digital wallet

Happy Buying!


Team BTCPoint

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