Bitcoin (BTC) has been all the rage lately, but if you have used it or researched it, the logical conclusion is that, “Bitcoin is overvalued relative to other useful blockchains”.

Few facts about Bitcoin:

  • Slow
  • Expensive
  • Boring(besides the price).
  • is still 18 months away
  • (4MB but it never hardly gets past 1.3MB) have barely done anything to alleviate the increase in fees during periods of high volume..

Besides slow expensive transactions, I have yet to see another useful Bitcoin service.
But, defying all of these information, Bitcoin’s market cap continues to rise and dominate!!

has recently launched its updated ETH wallet with token capability opening up the door to 100’s of Ethereum tokens including USD based stablecoins such as , , and more. As a primarily Bitcoin based exchange and P2P lending/financial service Btcpop is excited to take this step towards more currencies and sees tremendous potential to act as a bridge connecting BTC and other altcoins to users of Ethereum’s rapidly

As a bridge, Btcpop will not only allow BTC based users access to Ethereum’s thriving decentralized finance community. …

is excited to share that Ethereum deposits + withdrawals are back and Btcpop now with ERC20 tokens! This upgrade opens the door to trading or holding 100’s of exciting projects with ERC20 tokens.

Btcpop will be listing a few top ERC20 tokens immediately, and then more as demand and roll in. These tokens can currently be traded against BTC and held as collateral for custom BTC loans. In the future Btcpop plans on stablecoin denominated P2P loans and trading pairs.

DAI and other Stablecoins on Btcpop!

Btcpop is excited to integrate one of the fastest growing decentralized and trustless stablecoins to its platform…

view more on our blog:

A Gambling Problem for Economist

If someone offers you $10 for free, or an 11% chance at winning $100, which one should you choose?

“Give me enough leverage on an asset, and an exchange to trade it, and I can move my financial world ” — poloniex trollbox 2016

or borrowing money to invest is a double edged sword. Your reward potential goes up, but so does your risk. Arguably some of the riskiest trading in history is trading cryptocurrencies with high leverage due to their extreme volatility. Many have lost their shirts gambling via leverage, while a few others buy fur coats utilizing leverage intelligently and growing their cryptocurrency holdings. But, leveraged trading doesn’t have to be a winner take all… is excited to announce it is now accepting new coin listings submissions at

Coin listings are an exciting development and continues to build and work towards re-coding its entire platform and exchange. While users may have noticed incremental improvements to the existing platform, progress continues to be made on a the website re-code.

Listing your coin today with the platform still under development is still a steal for your coin holders as today’s coin listings include:

  • Top-grade secure wallet and exchange listing
  • and coin distribution for POS coins
  • Faucet listing at paying out our 2% staking reward fee (and donations)
  • The ability for your coin to be used…

If you pledge something as for a loan, you always have to consider the process of how that collateral is sold. At Btcpop, the collateral liquidation process is closer to a mortgage than . But, Btcpop’s liquidation of pledged assets is still much different than a mortgage as well. So this post is going to dig into Btcpop’s liquidation script so you better know what you are getting into as a borrower or lender, and how you can profit as a trader.

Basics How Btcpop Liquidations work

Btcpop’s P2P collateralized loans are a important and much needed innovation in the cryptocurrency…

Need Bitcoin fast? has you covered.

Get instant Bitcoin loans without identification or verification in just minutes!

Convenience and speed matters. In today’s fast moving world we have gotten accustomed to being able to get things quickly. Convenience stores, walk in haircuts, payday loans, and a variety of other services get us what we want quickly.

So your ready to take out a ! First, to set your expectations out on the right foot is the paradox of loans.

“Lenders only want to borrow to people that don’t need to borrow”

So if you are in dire need of a loan and you need it now, please reconsider and evaluate on if taking out a loan now is a good idea. If you want a loan, but don’t necessarily need it below are the steps to get you your first Bitcoin loan at Btcpop.

A.) and create an account: Create a username (and…

P2P Cryptocurrency platform and exchange

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