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Brian Donohue
Apr 14, 2016 · 1 min read

Instapaper and Dexter have teamed up to publish a small Dexter app that provides a bookmarklet for publishing the current page you’re viewing to Medium. This tool provides a one-click method for exporting blog posts to Medium.

The Dexter app uses the “Publish to Medium” bookmarklet to get the current URL, which is then sent to the Instaparser API. The HTML parsed by Instaparser is then published as a draft to your Medium account. Here’s a screenshot of the Dexter blocks that make this happen:

Instaparser on Dexter

While Instaparser is a paid service, the Instaparser module on Dexter is completely free to use. By using the module with the bookmarklet, you can get just the relevant portion of the current page and then automatically share it via email, post it to Medium, or use another Dexter module to make your own app.

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