How B Corps Are Pursuing Climate Justice, Racial Equity, and a Stakeholder-Driven Economic System

As businesses play a more significant role in addressing the world’s social and environmental challenges, the community of Certified B Corporations is attracting hundreds of new companies. By stepping up to address these challenges, new and existing B Corps are creating and expanding partnerships and coalitions to build collective power.

Partnership Presents an Opportunity for Collaboration and Meaningful Action on the Sustainable Development Goals

Some of the world’s most common and popular goods — cotton, coffee, cocoa — are produced by industries known for low wages and questionable labor practices. The industries also present an opportunity for global social and environmental change and action in alignment with the UN Sustainable Action Goals (SDGs).


Report Finds Need for Bolder Business Action to Achieve a More Inclusive Economy and Resilient Planet

The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) present both challenges and opportunities for businesses seeking a more inclusive economy and resilient planet. Achieving the SDGs — a global effort to create a shared, durable prosperity for all people — within this decade means businesses must act boldly and broaden their view…

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