On Immigration, Bernie Sanders is Not Who He Says He Is.
Dolores Huerta

How disappointing that someone that champions herself as a strong advocate for immigrant rights can so easily misinterpret facts to support her political candidate.

I dont really care who you want to vote for, nor am i really interested in convincing people to vote one way or another, but most of the article is factually inaccurate.

The so called “indefinite detention” bill you bring up not once brought up indefinite detention but covered “specified dangerous aliens under orders of removal who cannot be removed.” that had to be reevaluated every 6 months if they were still in the country. That means it only applied to people with criminal records who were already in the process of deportation, not some random person picked off the street.

Sanders stated he supported the DREAM ACT but was against reducing the family based categories under which immigrants could apply for citizenship from 5 to 1. IT was also opposed by LULAC and AFL-CIO and made it possible to exploit the guest worker to what was described as near slavery conditions.

I am sure you know about this, being that you are a well educated woman, so i am not sure why you chose to ignore these facts. You want to criticize someone’s record, atleast be honest about the record. Dont manipulate facts to give incomplete ideas just to prove some unfounded point.

I kept up with these laws around that time because i was in the process of becoming a citizen, which did not happen until 2010.

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