The Examined Ride

Monitoring physical activity and health through fitness trackers and apps is becoming a very popular trend among cyclists and the general public, but this trend demands a critical debate.

We are in the midst of a growing phenomenon of which you are perhaps already taking part. Everyday, millions of people around the world are using self-tracking devices, fitness apps and online platforms to routinely monitor their physical activity, calorie intake, sleep patterns, and various other functions. The aim of all this tracking is to gain insights about performance and habits, and improve health and fitness. With new…

(and Call for Abstracts)

Self-measurement and tracking have become commonplace practices in recent years. With the explosion of apps and devices enabling the data capturing and monitoring of the individual’s everyday activities, behaviours and habits, an increasing number of people around the world are embracing this culture of self-quantification and tracking in the spirit of improving their health and wellbeing, and charting their fitness progress.

Back in 2007, Gary Wolf and Kevin Kelly from Wired Magazine established a group under the name, the Quantified Self, a term that captures precisely these growing practices of self-tracking through digital technology, promoting a…

Some critical thoughts on ID2020 and the ideology of legal identity

I was recently one of the participants at the UN ID2020 Summit that took place on May 20th in New York. The event brought together technology businesses, NGOs, charities and various experts on digital and legal identity issues to address the challenge of providing legal identities for vulnerable populations, including the estimated 1.5 Billion people currently without a recognised legal identity. …

Btihaj Ajana

Academic working in the field of digital culture, with expertise and interest in issues of identity and its intersection with media, technology and ethics.

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