Michael Moore and Jeff Gibbs’ climate movie is a disgrace for both science and filmmaking

Screenshot from the movie “Planet of the Humans”

I started writing this for friends who asked me what I thought about that new viral climate documentary. Below is a refined version.

Last week on Earth Day, Michael Moore — known for acclaimed political documentaries like Bowling for Columbine and Fahrenheit 9/11 — and his colleague Jeff Gibbs released a much-hyped YouTube documentary that promises a sobering view on clean energy.

First, it is important to acknowledge that the movie subject is relevant and timely — asking critical questions about climate and energy solutions. Those questions include:

Where technology and new entrepreneurship can help us address the Sustainable Development Goals

Good Tech Lab is a research venture exploring the frontiers of impact. We believe that technology, entrepreneurship and financial innovation can help us tackle the world’s toughest challenges — like climate change, rapid urbanization, unsustainable food systems, or clean water shortages.

I was trained as an IT engineer, then spent a few years in the corporate world before bootstrapping a think-tank and global network on new economies and open innovation. Here, I explored themes like blockchains and ICOs, circular economy for smart cities, impact investing and hardware for good.

Two years ago I co-organized a summer camp/incubator in a French…

There will not be a POC22, 23 or even 30. So where do we go from there, and how can we scale “open tech for good”?

(Disclaimer: this text was initially intended as a mere Facebook post for the anniversary of POC21, and got a little longer than expected, so I decided to publish it here on Medium. I wrote this rather quickly, so it is unstructured and incomplete — Please be forgiving, more will follow!)

Exactly one year ago, the main act of a crazy little journey called POC21 ended at the Millemont Castle, 40 minutes west of Paris . Invited by OuiShare and OpenState, 200+ makers, designers and social innovators from over the world gathered for a 5-week “innovation camp” — an extreme co-creation…

Can we create the conditions for technology and innovation to solve the wicked problems of our time?

For some reason, I never really managed to start a blog, or write on a regular basis — even though I promised myself several times that I would. There were always good reasons: too busy, unclear thoughts, etc.

I just came back from a 2-month retreat in South America, and for the first time in a while, I have almost no backlog, no project deadline to be stressed about, only enthusiasm. I feels like starting from a blank page again.

I have dedicated the past 4.5 years to an organization I have co-founded and I am very proud of —…

Benjamin Tincq

Founder @GoodTechLab • Technologies to restore climate and nature • #Energy #CarbonRemoval #Materials #SynBio • Ecomodernist • Feminist • 🇬🇧 🇫🇷

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